Privacy Policy

MiT-U welcomes all individuals with due respect and value to their secrecy.

Involvement of collection and use of information of an indiviual is there when MiT-U is accessed through mobile applications. The Privacy Policy clarifies and notifies how the data is obtained, utilized and revealed by MiT-U with regard to the permit and practice of the benefits by an indiviual through the mobile apps. In regards to understand this privacy policy and how to safeguard the data, it is essential to flip through this Privacy Policy very carefully.

1. Domain of Application for this Privacy Policy

With the use of MiT-U, an indiviual agrees in consonance with privacy policy about gathering, practice and sharing of the data, as adapted on a frequent basis. Along with indiviuals use of MiT-U indicates their acknowledgment with the terms of the Privacy Policy. If one cannot accept the terms of Privacy Policy, MiT-U should not be used by them.

In order to use MiT-U ,terms of Service that has been agreed to includes this Privacy Policy which is incorporated into MiT-U. Any phrases used in this Privacy Policy will give birth to the similar definition as the counterpart interpreted terms in the MiT-U Terms of Service unless contrarily illustrated in this Privacy Policy or the context proposes otherwise. Unless otherwise indicated in this Privacy Policy, these phrases in the MiT-U Terms of Service shall also be relevant in this Privacy Policy.


Any data that is accumulated is liable to the Privacy Policy in effect at the period such data is obtained. However, improvement and amendment of the Privacy Policy can be done from time to time. If any alterations is brought in to this policy, which are considered to be substantial alterations, notification of such alterations will be sent to each indiviual by publishing them on the website (where relatively practicable), through assistance or by sending an email or other message, and indications will be given when such alterations will come to practice. By proceeding to access or obtain the services after the alterations become active, with or without alarm, an individual will be bound to the revised policy to agree upon.

MiT-U may link with the social media or other characteristics or assistance (including websites, plug-ins and widgets) furnished by a third party. Point to be noted that this Privacy Policy doesn’t correlate to the data obtained by any third-party websites, services or entreaties that can be entered into through the services of MiT-U and does not refer to the data obtained by other institutions and associations who promote their business on MiT-U. No penalty is beared on behalf of any third party usage of any data furnished to them by an individual.

2. Data furnished by an individual is collected by MiT-U

2.1 To deliver the services of MiT-U, the subsequent data relating to an individual is obtained, stored and expended :

1) data provided while opening a MiT-U account, comprising of certain details like account title, gender, birthdate, age, town or region, social media account data (profile picture, gender, etc.), and any labels publicized about oneself on their own;

2) any data contained in the MiT-U profile which are noticeable to other users of MiT-U, or data made accessible via the usage of MiT-U, which may comprise of pictures, schooling details, town or region, and additional data;

3) data about oneself and others’ practice of and relations with the assistance and the entreaty, comprising usage by landscapes, equipment and friendship data, IP address, equipment ability, bandwidth, statistics on page perspectives, and system category;

4) data obtained as one begins to use MiT-U, includes:

✓ technological evidence, such as the mobile carrier-related data, layout data made accessible by different policies used to enter MiT-U, the IP address, the locale / nation / district / time zone, the device's interpretation and tag figure, user settings, and the operating scheme; and

✓ data about the likings and resentments made by an indiviual using MiT-U.

2.2 Particular Note about diplomatic private data

It is to be noted that subject and information that is put into MiT-U, such as pictures or the captions published by own about their sexual exposure, may include prudent private information in specific jurisdictions. Prudent data is prone to rigorous statute than additional categories of private data.

Prior to the revelation of any emotional private data in MiT-U, consideration of it’s appropriateness on a whole is very vital.

By operating MiT-U, agreement with all processing actions of emotional personal data are for the objectives and in the way as interpreted in this Privacy Policy.

Notably no use of private emotional data is rendered for the objective of direct marketing without the intimation of the individual.

2.3 Outstanding Note about Children’s Information

Anyone under the age of 18 are not meant to attain the services of MiT-U and anyone under the stipulated minimum age may not generate a MiT-U account or obtain MiT-U services. Hence, no personal information is collected from any data subject knowingly who falls under such age. If it comes to learn that somehow personal information of a data subject under the age of 18 got collected, actions will be taken immediately to erase those information from the files as soon as possible.

3. How the Information Collected is being used

3.1 Objectives

The Information furnished by an individual can be used for any of the following objectives:

1) to furnish assistance to an indiviual (comprising both the assistance presently given via MiT-U and the assistance to be furnished via MiT-U in the time ahead);

2) to enrich the services rendered along with personalization to boost the events when one uses the assistance, among additional stuff, recommending pals or profile data, or customizing the subject shown, comprising of advertisements;

3) to answer back to scrutinies, for the intentions of client assistance, protection, archival and backup reasons in relation to providing services of MiT-U;

4) the practice and modes of our assistance to be governed and analyzed;

5) the protection and defense of our merchandises and assistance to be enhanced ;

6) to stave off corruption or additional unauthorized or criminal action, identity is verified;

7) to implement the Terms of Use and supplementary practice strategies.

Allowance for sharing text messages, pictures, screenshots, videos and additional contacts is provided in the MiT-U app with other users, and if one chose to do so the text messages, images, screenshots, videos and other statements automatically gets stored in the servers. Along with if an individual choose to share the same items with more other MiT-U users, in that case they are unable to remove them from server or make the posts unavailable to people with whom it has been shared already. Delivering and conveying text messages, photos, screenshots, videos or other messages in the MiT-U application is an indiviual judgment. By preferring to dispense that data, one should realize that the usage of the information cannot be controlled and that it may come to be available to the public at an ease (being sure of the efforts of an own self or the efforts of all those people with whom the data has been shared). MiT-U is not liable for any practice or misusage of data shared by an individual.

3.2 Reposition and Warehousing

The operators who operate may proceed to operate servers in an abundance of jurisdictions all over the world, so the server where an indiviuals private data is employed and stocked may not be in the jurisdiction of oneself.

A person should provide his/her approval to the transfer of private data (both internally and externally of the jurisdiction) for the intentions mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

3.3 Publicizing

By using MiT-U, one agrees upon the third party usage, publicizing and transfer of the personal information (both internal and external of the regime) as specified in this Privacy Policy.

Any information about oneself will be shared only when the person uploads or publish those data on MiT-U, or if they are provided with a message that the information provided will be transferred in a specific way and such information is provided by that person. All are requested not to publish or expand private data to the profile of their own which they do not want to make publicly accessible.

An individuals personal information can be shared in unspecified and/or aggregated aspect with third parties for custom analytics ie. Better understanding about the third party who are using the services and how,also for business analysis, demographic profiling, exploration, and further identical objectives.

The service providers who are helping to connect with the undertaking of the assistance may approach and utilize the information provided with. These service providers although have access to the information but that is limited to what is needed for performing a service on behalf of an individual and are bound to maintain the secrecy level in terms of sharing with others or using them for other purpose. These providers compile the data sent from the mobile phone, notebook or desktop computer, and their subsequent use is regulated by their favorable privacy policy.

The app may disclose information about an individual if assigned by legislation or any legitimate process (such as a warrant, permit or court order), or, if any responses to be given to a legal petition from legal councils to reveal such data, or if necessity arises to carry out or refer to this Privacy Policy, the Terms of Service or the other agreements.

If third party acquires or reorganizing of committee arrangement occurs then an individuals information will be switched within the group or to another third party who will be ready to proceed with the project of MiT-U or identical services under the same privacy policy r some different one, the information of which will be furnished to the users by an announcement. The party with whom the personal information is altered may be tracked down, and the Information of a person may be used exterior to one’s jurisdiction.

Apart from permissible limit under this privacy policy or else with due consent of an individual, or under any circumstances related to law or legal process, no one is able to transfer the personal information furnished may it be to any third parties for processing related to any purpose.

3.4 Adaptation of Security Measures to Protect the Information

Employment of managerial, biological and electronic standards designed to conserve the data from unauthorized admission, however, apart from taking these efforts, security measures none are excellent or impervious and no technique of data dispatch can be ensured against any interception or further kind of mishandling. In the circumstance that the personal information is risked as an outcome of an infringement of safety, prompt notification is ensured to the individual when the personal information comes to get compromised, as expected by relevant constitution.

With any third parties, with whom personal information of the users are conveyed, thereon satisfactory efforts are made to ensure that those parties must be using the client’s personal information  (i) in abidance with this Privacy Policy; and (ii) content to any additional instructions provided to them, comprising of any reasonable intimacy and safety standards that are being enforced.

4. How Information can be accessed through?

The information provided can be accessed and revised through an individual’s own account.

With a strong belief of non authenticity or precision of any of the information provided to MiT-U can furnish the app with satisfactory evidence considering this and for that via the communication data furnished in this Privacy Policy connection can be made to rectify the unauthentic or incorrect information and logical actions will be taken to honour the petition; moreover, an archived document of the information may be secured as compelled by law and/or for document maintenance intentions.

Once an account is sealed or eliminated, no one will be able to access to the message record, importance or any other data related with the use of the app services. Even after the removal of information from the report or profile, samples of that information may remain visible somewhere else, to the expanse it has been conveyed to others, it was oppositely published pursuant to the secrecy settings, or it was duplicated or reserved by other users. In addition to this, conservation of the personal data even after the account closure, if rather important to acknowledge with lawful commitments (including legislation enforcement requests), regulatory statutes to be met, clashes to be settled, conserving defense, deterring corruption and misusage, or carrying out the Terms of Service. Even after the closure of account retention of de-personalized information is assured.

For some examples the users personal information cannot be discarded, revised or altered and there the individual is informed about the incapability to do so. For example, some proposals may propose disproportionate technological undertaking or incredibly ineffective, or are restricted by legislation.

The user needs to agree to inform once any consistency is observed as MiT-U being operated in numerous jurisdictions may be incapable to specify all the inconsistency between particular terms of this Privacy Policy and the favorable law in a particular jurisdiction. Hence vital methods to eradicate such inconsistency are enforced including eliminating the private information improperly obtained or employed by the app.

5. Contact Information

For any questions related to the Privacy Policy or any privacy-related issues, please contact via email at .